Why choose professional headshots in Buffalo, NY

Why choose pro headshots? Watch and find out ?

Hello everyone!
This week I will be getting into all of the details about headshot and branding photography! In the last video, we discussed the difference between the two, and today we will get into our why! Why you need them, why they're worth the investment, and why the investment is so high. Stayed tuned to the end of this video for a preview of tomorrow's topic.

As promised, I am bringing you the whys of headshot photography. Let's start with why yoU need these shoots in your life.

Headshot photography has only sometimes been necessary for everyone the way it is today. Pre-covid, people were primarily working in offices if they worked for a larger company and didn't necessarily need an image attached to email signatures, zoom icons, or website directories. 

Now, however, everything has changed. Most people working for a large firm or company work from home indefinitely or only come into the office a few days a week. Headshots are vital to be recognizable in communications and video meetings and are available within directories. Many companies will offer their employees "headshot day" at the office, making it mandatory. These are rarely provided with professional hair and makeup and are usually done by a photography hobbyist who has a camera or knows how to use their iPhone and will have employees line up assembly line style and take your picture against a beige wall. You'll be prepared if you're lucky enough to get a warning about headshot day. Nobody likes headshot day.
However, there are also more and more offices offering professional services to come in to provide headshots. This is something I offer as well. We come to you with the option of pro hair and makeup, we do 4-6 poses, and we offer the office all the images for them to choose the best from. The advantage for companies to provide this kind of service to their employees is that they are guaranteed to like the images. If someone isn't happy, we reshoot! This is also an excellent way for everyone's pictures to look uniform online and across communications. 

If, however, a company is asking for your headshot but not offering to do them for you, here's what ESP can do for you! We start with pro hair and makeup, shoot up to five wardrobe changes, and coach you through every pose! We teach you how to emote, body language, and hand and foot posture, and we have a lot of fun! The best part is that You are guaranteed to LOVE your photos!

A photographer who specializes in portraiture will charge a higher rate. The price point will take many people aback if unprepared, but every penny is worth it. 
Our services are guaranteed, and we offer decades of experience in portrait photography. Our beauty partners are experts, and we will provide you with the most amazing headshots you have ever had. Not only will you walk away with a beautiful product, but you will also love our service. 

Many people try other cheaper options out there before landing with us, and that is usually because of the price point. People have sticker shock, and yes, your babysitter, who has taken high school photography classes, probably does have access to an excellent camera. Your sister might have the latest iPhone, and your dad might be a hobbyist, but do they know how to pose? Do they know the type of light to put you in to get the look you want? Do they know how to get a genuine smile or serious look that will make their co-workers or bosses see that they are serious about what they do? Maybe, maybe not. What I do know is that we get a lot of clients who try it the cheap way, waste a few hundred dollars, and then come to us.
Thank you for taking the time to watch this video today! I appreciate your time and can't wait to hear what you took away from it!
Tomorrow, we will talk more about the whys of branding!! Let me know what questions you have! Feel free to comment or CONTACT me!