Why choose Professional Branding Photography in Buffalo, NY?


Today we talk about the whys of Branding Photography ?
Why you need it, why it's worth the investment, and why you should go the professional route first! ?

Hello everyone!
This week I will get into all the details about headshot and branding photography! In the last videos, we discussed the difference between the two, yesterday, we talked about the whys of headshot photography, and today we will get into our whys of branding photography! Why you need it, why its worth the investment, and why the investment is so high. Stay tuned to the end of this video for a preview of tomorrow's topic.

As promised, I am bringing you the whys of branding photography. Let's start with why you need these shoots in your life. 

If you are an entrepreneur, solopreneur, MLM consultant, real estate agent, financial advisor, or anyone else who is freelancing or working for themselves, you need branding.

Branding photography is much more than professional headshots (and we take those too). Branding photography will be half shots, full body shots, action shots, etc. We will consult you on color choices, locations, models, and who you want to attract! We want to know why you do what you do and who you are here to serve.

These consultations are crucial for us to flesh out before we start shooting because it preps my team and me for what lighting we will use, what props we'll need, and what body language and expression we need to coach you on to get you the images you need to make your next move.

Branding for your business needs to be a plan. You must know who you are to attract firms and clients to your services or products. This is key. You must know who you are to attract your ideal clients. This might seem like a lot of homework to get into before we even start shooting, but without it, your messaging will be messy, and your content will not be congruent.

Here at ESP, we offer a full-service experience for our branding clients! We include professional hair and makeup, do a mix of in-studio and on-location shooting, set up for "headshot day" with your employees, hire models, and guarantee your photos! 

In today's market, your messaging across platforms will make a difference in your sales and the quality of clients you will attract. You put your all into your business. You care about your clients, and you are in business to serve a purpose. Why leave your content to chance? Let us do what we live to do and tell your story with a compassionate eye and attention to detail. 

I am passionate about photography. I have been doing this work for decades and am confident we can help you create images to get you the job, the promotion, and the client of your dreams. 

Yes, the investment for creating content and branding for your business is one of the steeper price tags you will see in business services, but it is well worth it. Your time is valuable; at ESP, we do everything to ensure that time is not wasted. You will get everything at the end of your session, and we promised and more. 

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video today! Tomorrow, we will talk about what a personal brand is, and about the little changes that begin to appear when you start making moves in your defining it! I can't wait to see you then!

As always, please comment, message me, or CONTACT me with questions you have, topics you want me to cover, or stories about your experiences!