Confidence on Camera Hacks - Tip #2

Are you ready for tip #2? 
Confidence on Camera Hacks!! This week I will share my top tips for "faking" confidence when you're in the studio!???


Hello everyone!
This week I had a shoot with someone where confidence in front of the camera was an issue. This beautiful and successful woman came to me because her boss told her that she needed a new headshot for a website update.
She came to me not because she wanted a portrait done but because she was told she needed it. This situation happens a lot, and I want to highlight it because when someone comes to the studio for someone other than themselves, there is always a breakthrough that needs to happen before I can create images you will love!
Today and over the next few days, I want to share some tricks we use to "fake" confidence in the studio.
Yesterday we focused on Tip #1, Remembering who the eff you are! If you missed that video, let me know in the comments, and I will send you the link.
Today, trick #2, We have Cheerleaders!
In addition to prep questions and materials to get you ready for your shoot, I partner with a couple of people who can help you feel your best! Ms. Jenai K. is a confidence coach who would LOVE to connect with you to help you feel your self-worth! Jenai K. helps women from all walks of life get past their blocks on body positivity, self confidence, and feel their power of femininity.
Another trick up our sleeves is our partner, Shannon, at Elevate mind-body beauty! Shannon offers several services through her studio. Do you have a  sun spot on your face that you want to fade? Do you want to firm up your eyes? Do you want to tone up your arms? Elevate can do all of that and more! Shannon is a trained radiofrequency, ultrasonic cavitation, vacuum therapy, and microneedle professional! Everything she offers has instant results and requires NO DOWNTIME! 
Our last tip for trick #2 is that you are invited to bring your own hype person on shoot day! Don't have one? That's ok! My assistant and I are here for you too! We will direct you, be in your corner to curate your wardrobe, and cheer you on every step of the way! 
I want you to have the best photo experience you've ever had! Everything will be about meeting your needs, making you comfortable, and making the whole time we are together FUN!
You will look your best with our pro hair and makeup service and feel accomplished, lighter, and happier when you leave the studio! I pride myself on making my studio a happy place. The last thing I want is for someone to come into the space and feel nervous. My team and I are here for you. 
Thank you for watching this video today! I cannot wait to share trick number three with you tomorrow! 
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