The Difference between Headshot Photography and Branding In Buffalo, NY


Last week did NOT go as planned, but I am back and ready to share all my planned topics with you! ?‍?
Are you confused by the difference between headshot photography and branding? Do you wonder which is for you, or even if it's necessary? ?
I answer all of this here! ?





OK, So I had an insane week last week AND got nowhere near what I needed to done. And I am almost OK with it. You ever have one of those weeks? 
We are back today and this week with the videos I had planned for last week on branding. Today, I want to discuss the difference between headshot photography and branding.
If you are someone who is wondering if you need a new headshot or have never had a content shoot before, this is for you!
Let's start today by explaining the difference between headshot photography and branding.
In headshot photography, we are literally taking a picture of your head and shoulders. 
Branding photography is different depending on what you do for a living. Branding can include headshots, body shots, action shots, environmental photos, and stock photos. Basically, branding photography is a collection of images for you to use as content in your marketing materials.
Who you are and what you do will drive what type of photos you need. People who need just headshots usually work for someone else or a bigger company. If you need a professional picture of yourself to post to Linkedin, your company Zoom meetings, and an email signature, you are likely OK to book a headshot session. 
The headshot sessions I offer also include full body shots, and I will help my clients with expression and body language to ensure we get precisely what they need.
Branding photography is for the entrepreneur, solopreneur, MLM consultant, coach, influencer, or anyone who needs to market to make money! These sessions are very detailed. We get into color schemes, ideal client attraction, and what type of marketing you intend to produce.
We will hire models, go on location, or a mix of both! We will ensure that you have stock and environmental photos that will last you months and that you can use them easily throughout your campaigns.
I specialize in Women's portraiture, which makes me slightly different from other photographers. If being in front of the camera makes you nervous or frozen, I'm your girl. I am very good at making sure you know exactly what to do and what we're going for before we take the shot. I will teach you how to emote, body language, and hand and foot posture! I am great at putting you at ease and making you feel not only comfortable with having your picture taken, but you're also going to have fun while we do it.
Every session includes professional hair and makeup, my all female team to make you feel at ease, and coaching on wardrobe and posing! You are part of our family when you choose ESP and I can't wait to meet you!
Tomorrow, we will dive into WHY. Why you should invest in headshots and branding photography, why the investment is one of the higher price points in services for small businesses, and why you should absolutely experience this for yourself.
CONTACT me today if you would like to book a headshot or branding session of your very own :)