It's International Women's History Day!

This "international day of" is, hands down, my favorite of the year. We are so lucky to live in a culture that *mostly* celebrates our accomplishments and wants our contributions to society. Without our foremothers, women wouldn't have the right to own property, vote, or even work outside the home. 
We still have a long way to go in the states for equal pay, better women's healthcare, and more support for single mothers' needs, but we are making vast improvements.
On this international women's day, I would like to remind you that our sisters, in places that have been torn apart by the Taliban or are in other patriarchal societies, women are not allowed to work, drive, or even go to the market without a male escort. 
The world has a very long road of peace and recovery to make before women everywhere can enjoy the same rights and freedoms as our male counterparts.
To learn more or support women's movement missions, please check out and/or donate to the following groups today!
Crisis Services Buffalo
UN Women
Women for Women International
Equality Now
The video below includes some of my favorite women's portraits I have taken over the years in my studio in the Buffalo, NY, area! 
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