Faking Confidence on Camera in Buffalo, NY


Faking Confidence on camera, Trick #3!
This is the last one ?

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Hello everyone!
This week I had a shoot with someone where confidence in front of the camera was an issue. This beautiful and successful woman came to me because her boss told her that she needed a new headshot for a website update.
She came to me not because she wanted a portrait done but because she was told she needed it. This situation happens a lot, and I want to highlight it because when someone comes to the studio for someone other than themselves, there is always a breakthrough that needs to happen before I can create images you will love!
Today and over the next few days, I want to share some tricks we use to "fake" confidence in the studio.
First, we focused on Tip #1, Remembering who the eff you are! If you missed that video, let me know in the comments, and I will send you the link.
Yesterday, trick #2, We have Cheerleaders! I hope you watched that one!
Today, trick #3, Power Posing!
Power Posing is the last but one of the most important tricks I have for faking confidence in the studio. We first start the day getting you comfortable and getting to know you. Then, we cheer you on and encourage you to bring a support person to help with that too! Now, we shoot!
Camera time is the scariest part of the day for most women not in front of a  camera as part of their everyday life. But don't worry! I got you!
I coach you through everything! From hand and foot posture to how to emote, you will never be at a loss for what to do with your body, hands, or face! 
I like to ease you into the session. We usually start with your least favorite outfit and save the best for last because, by the time we get to it, you will feel like a different person!
We start by relaxing, taking deep breaths, and letting all of your muscles go where they want to, and then I show you some simple poses to start with. We usually begin by not smiling with our whole faces. Full-face cheese is not a relaxing or comfortable position, and I want you to learn each position as we go and feel good about it.
As you warm up and we get you into another wardrobe change, we start doing a few more poses. These are designed to help you start feeling your badassery! We bring you into boss mode with sassy face and body language. At this point in the shoot, we usually ask for great big fake laughs that turn into genuine smiles, which is, of course, the point.
We add more poses and expressions with each outfit and backdrop change. By the time we get to your last change, you are a pro! You will know exactly what to do before I even ask, and you will probably start flaring on it! 
Our sessions are fun! I love what I do, and I want you to have a great time too! I wouldn't be in business if photography wasn't my happy place, and I want to spread that joy to everyone who enters my studio.
You might come in because you have to, but you will leave wanting to do it again and again!
Thank you all again for watching! I am excited to announce next week's topics tomorrow!! See you then!