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Like anything, love comes in all varieties. There is love of food, love of material objects, love of animals, love for a parent, love of a child, love of an partner, ect., but John and Khris's love comes from a very unique place.  

Both John and Khris have had past relationships which resulted in beautiful children, so they have already experienced that unconditional love for a child.  John and Khris are very close with their mothers, so they both know what unconditional love feels like to recieve. They have lived, loved, lost, and loved again. 

Having found each other and knowing so indesputedly that what they have is very real, they love each other as feircley as I've ever seen. The passion that these two feel for each other is obvious when they look at each other. I will let the letter from Khris that was placed on each table with a beautiful display of colorful daisies explain their relationship. This is much better written than anything I can do!

Brilliant Colors of Love
Before John and I were together, my life was black and white, regimented and goal driven. With the exception of my sons, life was all work, black and white.
Simple as a white Daisy.
The vivid, beautiful, bold colors of the daisies signify the dramatic positive impact John has made in my life. He brought life into full color for me; showing me how to enjoy all the moments of life’s precious journey. How to love and be loved.
John and Khris's wedding and reception took place at Acqua. I will let the images speak for its beauty, but what you may not see is how wonderful the staff is and how willing they are to go above and beyond for their guests. 
John and Khris, I can't thank you enough for giving me the honor of capturing your beautiful day! Your family has always had a special place in my heart and I was thrilled to have been choosen as your photographer. I wish you many years of laughter, happiness, and love.
Wedding rings shot with a macro lens.
Wedding Bouquet, wedding dress, and wedding shoes.
Wedding first look.
Bridal portraits
Wedding Cake and table center pieces.
Wedding guest favors
Wedding Ceremony
Bridal Portraits
Bridal Portrait
Bridal Portraits
Bridal Portraits
Wedding cake cutting.
Wedding first dance.
Bride dances with sons and friend.
Mother/son dance.
Wedding good night portrait.
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