Branding Photography in Buffalo, NY

In this video, I explain why branding photography is essential for your business.


Storytelling is the most important part of owning a business. Many business owners overlook this part of entrepreneurship. I know I did.
When I started my business eleven years ago, I thought, "I take good pictures. If I just put them out there, people will come.". Boy, was I wrong! I had a website, a Google business page, and social pages, but you need more than the essentials to get the clients you need!
There are a billion photographers out there! My images were mediocre back then, and why would someone choose me over the next? Why would someone pick me if I am putting pictures on social media with no caption or connection? I had no story, no connection, and no client loyalty.
I couldn't understand why a client that used my services one year would use another photographer or friend with an iPhone the next. They seemed happy with my work then, posted the images I gave them over social media, and seemed to enjoy working with me, but I didn't do my due diligence in reminding them that I was here!
I needed to up my game! Luckily I found some great coaches over the years who helped me along the way. My skills have improved over the years, so it wasn't the quality of the work keeping my calendar empty. The missing element was the "me" part of marketing.
Rarely do we have unique businesses. If you own your own business, you likely know that there is a ton of competition out there. We can put our spin on it, but how will people know that you're different from the weekend warrior hustling at lower prices and better marketing than you? 
This is what I do! This is where I can help you get ahead of your competition and stand out in a saturated market!
Branding with your own headshots and stock photos can tell the world that you are here and ready to serve. Your client will value you because you value yourself enough to show us who you are. 
ESP is so much more than headshots! A good branding session will give you at least six months of content to share over social media, email blasts, and hard copy! 
Branding is telling your story! Your client wants to know who you are, why you do what you do, and what you can do for them. If your messaging is unclear, sporadic, or non-existant, they will find someone else to buy from.
At ESP, we are thorough. We will consult with you to ensure every business detail is covered. Depending on your industry, we bring in pro hair and makeup, models, and props. 
We coach you through everything! We want every shot to be perfect before touching the shutter, so we coach you through posing, expression, and body language. You are never at a loss for what to do. 
A good branding gallery will tell a concise story to your ideal client. 
You're in business for a reason. You love what you do. It's time the world knows who you are.

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